Theme History


  • Company founded October 1st, 1919

  • Start of business relations with Egypt and Sudan

  • 1927 first large contract with the former UDSSR covering 1.200 bales of Egyptian cotton.

  • Continuous extension of cotton trade especially with Egypt, Sudan, plus Uganda and Tanganjika.

  • 1968 enlargement of our offerabilities by origins, among others Centralasian, Greek, Iran, and Turkish cotton

  • 1974 taking up of all going varieties in our activities with emphasis on cotton from Central Asia, West Africa, as well as all LS- and ELS-varieties.

  • 1976 direct link with the Israel Cotton Board to merchandise Israel Pima and Israel Acala cotton on a worldwide basis.

  • 1983/84 purchase, reconstruction and move into our building at Marcusallee 3, Bremen.

  • 1997 opening of our office in Riga.

  • As of 2000 diversification with merchanting firms active in viscose, polyester and modacryl-fibres.

  • 2005 Cooperation with AGRAH Ltda., São Paulo, Brazil.
Yearly turn-over about 500.000 bales of all worldwide varieties.
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